Opus Jam a Treviso

Formerly A4, the story of Opus Jam begins in 1995 when the founder, Emmanuel Cappelaere, meets the American gospel training "Acappella". The crush operates through a decisive awareness: the voices are expressed with a force and intensity all the greater as they are the only instrument. In 2009, on the advice of the label Dreyfus Music, after 15 years of existence, 800 concerts around the world (USA, Poland, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, Luxembourg, Belgium, Ile de La RĂ©union ...), 320 000 spectators, 6 recorded discs, more than 35,000 albums sold, Emmanuel decides to move towards more varied musical horizons, richer arrangements and thus creates Opus Jam 5 and 6 voices.

In July 2010, the festivals of Mont Saint-Michel, Paris and Jazz en Baie hear and adopt this new formation with 5 singers then in July 2012, the Saint Emilion Jazz Festival discovers the current Opus Jam sextet. Julien Guilloton joins the group as a deep bass, followed by Sidi Biggy, baritone and beatboxer. They are the iconic duo bass / drums, ensuring harmonic foundations and groove. It was baritone Mike Louvila's turn to join Opus Jam, succeeded by soprano singer Nicolas Gabet and tenor Mathieu Becquerelle, who assured them the majority of the solos thus closing the bench to give the final touch to the 100% vocal sextet project.

Shortly after, Ibrahim Maalouf spots the group on the internet and offers him to do his first part during his visit to La Cigale in Paris in October 2014. Didier Lockwood recommends the group to many jazz festivals by writing: "The power and the warmth of the voices and the musicality that I have heard through the very sharp and perfectly executed arrangements on stage make Opus Jam for me the best training in Cappella in France. Very nice discovery! You will probably hear about them. " Good collaborations followed with All That Jazz qualifying the group as his 2016 favorite.

In May 2016, Opus Jam is invited to participate in the closing of the Cannes Film Festival with Ibrahim Maalouf. Since then, the group has been operating in Asia as well as in Europe with a show around Motown and the idea of "democratizing" the a cappella style through internationally known melodies. In May 2017, Opus Jam is selected to represent France at the Moscow Spring A Cappella Festival. Among 167 groups, the Grand Prize is awarded to Opus Jam, who becomes the winner of the international festival of a cappella singing competition. With all these riches, Opus Jam goes to meet his audience, armed with talent, generosity, humor, accessibility; the fruit of hard work, made in France. 'Jazzin' Cheverny could not start under better stars than those shining in the voices of Opus Jam. The a cappella group is six major. Bluffing! "

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Sant'Artemio Auditorium
November 3rd, 2018


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Sant'Artemio Auditorium

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  1. Stand by me
  2. Georgia on my mind
  3. Ain't no mountain High enough