Five male voices in perfect harmony. A blend of virtuoso singing and musical poetry, at times serious, sacred, and solemn, at others humorous, swinging, and jazzy. After more than 1,500 concerts in over 50 countries around the world, alongside the Gewandhaus Orchestra and St. Thomas Boys Choir, these acclaimed singers number among the hottest exports of the musical city of Leipzig. Two-time winners of the prestigious German ECHO Klassik Award, amarcord offers a cappella singing of the utmost perfection, that effortlessly exceeds the boundaries of time, style, and expression.

The quintet moves with ease from medieval plainchant, Renaissance madrigals and Baroque cantatas, all the way to European Romanticism, New Music and vocal arrangements of folk songs and jazz standards. The five singers of amarcord are committed to passing their knowledge and experience on to choirs and vocal ensembles in workshops and master classes, and also perform recitals at schools.

All the amarcord members themselves enjoyed a comprehensive musical education in one of the oldest cultural institutions in Europe, the Thomanerchor Leipzig, which J. S. Bach led for many years.

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Santa Caterina Museum
November 24th, 2018


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Santa Caterina Museum

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  1. 900 Miles Away From Home
  2. Come again
  3. No Potho Reposare
  4. Priè̀re - G. Rossini
  5. Es Klappert Die Mühle Am Rauschenden - J.S. Bach