The special event of the 13th edition of VivaVoce International A Cappella Festival close on Saturday with 5 vocal groups from all over Italy, called to represent the infinite variety of musical genres that the human voice can reproduce!

Before the concert starts you can access the buffet dinner set up by BHR Hotel Treviso: at the end of the evening the audience will be called to vote for the best group!

Alter Ego a Treviso

Alter Ego | Trento

Occhi Chiusi In Mare Aperto a Treviso

Occhi Chiusi In Mare Aperto | Roma

Sei Ottavi a Treviso

Sei Ottavi | Palermo

Venice Vocal Jam a Treviso

Venice Vocal Jam | Venezia

Vocalica a Treviso

Vocalica | Padova

Info & Reservation

BHR Hotel
November 11th, 2017

20.00 Buffet Dinner
20.45 Concert

Concert ticket
reserved seat

  • 15,00 € Ticket
  • 10,00 € Reduction
  • 5,00 € Baby

Buffet Dinner:

  • 20,00 € cad.

Info & Reservations

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BHR Hotel Treviso


  1. Mambo italiano
  2. Heavenly father
  3. A me me piace o' blues
  4. Il tempo di morire