• Cadence - Hit that jive Jack
  • Stouxingers - Boogie down / Jungle boogie
  • Voice Male - Weather with you
  • Neri per caso - 7000 caffè
  • Vocaldente - Juegalo

Welcome to VivaVoce Festival!

VivaVoce Festival Concerts

Since 2005 VivaVoce Festival promotes a series of concerts dedicated to vocal music, organized by VenetoCoro Cultural Association. VivaVoce Festival is the answer to the passion enthusiastic and the interest of a large audience toward the voice as the principal musical instrument showing how the A Cappella Music is closed and deeply rooted in Italian musical culture.

VivaVoce Festival is the only major event in Italy served in a traditional dress in the forms and highly innovative in the proposals music; VivaVoce Festival is considered as a benchmark both at National and European level.



VivaVoce Festival Concerti VivaVoce Festival Concerti VivaVoce Festival Concerti

VivaVoce Festival – supported by institutional partners such as Regione Veneto, Province of Treviso and municipalities protagonists of the evenings of the Festival – uses the collaboration of a team of companies that have chosen to link their brands to an international event of great cultural significance and unique of its kind in Italy.

Are you interested to join us and become a partner of VivaVoce Festival?