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  1. Anybody else but me
  2. My future self
  3. No home without you
Postyr al VivaVoce Festival di Treviso

Since 2009, the award-winning electronic vocal group Postyr has developed ground breaking vocal music for five singers and computers. New compositions and songs using the worlds oldest instrument - the human voice - and new digital software to express the feeling of today and shape the sound of tomorrow.

Postyr creates a musical universe they call E-Cappella - a new kind of electronic pop music centered around the vocals. Using effects and computer, the soft voices are turned into inciting beats that are mixed with chorus sounds and strong vocals. Postyr are frontrunners in this new genre which has become popular among the world's millions of choir singers.

Postyr's single Broken Parts won 2 awards at the A Cappella Video Awards in February 2021 and received the title of runner-up to The Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards in the USA. Most recently, the group was headlining the Boston A Cappella festival and Europe's largest choir festival, Europa Cantat in 2021 and won an additional A Cappella Video Award for Anybody Else But Me in 2022. Just before the world closed down, Postyr returned from a tour in China and has since participated in several online festivals.

Ppstyr has toured the Northern hemisphere for the past 12 years and garnered international acclaim for their distinctive and evocative sound, combining 5 captivating singing voices with electronic elements and heartfelt songwriting. Postyr consists of 5 singers and 1 laptop, and has emerged from a desire and an ambition to renew and develop modern vocal music through newly-composed music written especially for this ensemble type. Postyr's live performances and recordings are something unprecedented in the international music scene, which is underlined by the fact that the group's album Paper Tiger received the prestigious American music award CARA-award (Contemporary Acappella Recording Award) for Best European A Cappella Album 2016" and an AVA (Acappella Video Award) award for Best Jazz Video Worldwide 2017 and runner up for the main category Best Video by A Professional Group World Wide 2021 and that the group has been "runner-up" right after the Grammy-winning a cappella group Pentatonix in the CARA award categories Best Live Act and Best Pop Album.

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Auditorium Sant'Artemio
November 11th, 2023


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