B Vocal @ VivaVoce Festival - Treviso

B Vocal is a Spanish artistic group that in 2020 has celebrated 25 years on stage with more than 3000 concerts, 7 CDs and 3 DVDs on the market, radio and television collaborations, more than 40 international tours and 9 awards in New York, San Francisco, Austria and Russia. All these merits have made the group a reference in its genre, a cappella music. The five voices of b vocal are Alberto Marco, Augusto González, Carlos Marco, Fermín Polo and Juan Luis García.

In these 25 years of professional career they have created 10 shows, 6 educational and family concerts and have toured the most important theaters and auditoriums in Spain and outside our borders. His great weapons are spectacular live sound, its daring staging and its original shows around the voice.

In 2006 they obtained the Jury Prize and the Audience Prize at the VokalTotal International Festival in Graz (Austria). In 2010 won both, Jury and Audience Awards in New York, and Jury, Audience and Best Song Awards in San Francisco, at the prestigious Harmony Sweepstakes Festival in the USA, considered the most important in the world in this specialty. In 2017 and 2018 they receive two awards at the Moscow Spring A Cappella Festival in Moscow. Other distinctions in Spain are the Musical Career Award, Aragonese of the Year, Sol Mayor Award, Prize Custodian, Son of the City of Zaragoza and Town Criers of the Fiestas del Pilar de Zaragoza 2019.

Their international career has already passed through USA, China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Austria, Italy, France, Belgium, Slovakia, Germany or Russia. Only in Asia they have made more than 30 tours performing in auditoriums such as the National Grand Theater of Beijing, Shanghai Culture Center, Seoul Arts Center and Sejong Culture Center in Seoul, Hakuju Hall in Tokyo or the National Theater of Taiwan. They are currently the Spanish musical group that has toured the most in Asia.

Two of the most significant acts in which they have participated at the protocol level are with the Royal House of Spanish with the presence of Their Majesties D. Juan Carlos and Dña. Sofía. In 2017 they performed at the Award Ceremony of the AS Sports Awards, before the Kings of Spain, D. Felipe and Dña. Leticia. In both acts they received the recognition and warm thanks from the Royal House.

Due to its quality and originality, b vocal has become the main reference of a cappella music in Spain and one of the most important in the world.

They come back to VivaVoce International A Cappella Festival, after winning VivaVoce PlayOff 2020 the A Cappella Contest during pandemic period with more than 250.000 visualizations on social networks.

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Auditorium Sant'Artemio
November 19th, 2022

17.45 | first concert
20.45 | second concert

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Auditorium Sant'Artemio

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  1. Livin' la vida loca
  2. Mamma mia
  3. September