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  1. Sign 'o' the times
  2. I know you know
  3. J.S. Bach | Goldberg Variation n.18
Slixs al VivaVoce Festival di Treviso

Slixs are turning A Cappella listening habits on their head. With a powerful and daring mixture of Pop and Jazz, Classical and World Music, these six multitalented voices have rocked audiences at concerts across Europe and Asia. Plumbing the depths of the human voice is their ambition and such is the way how a listener is carried off into a paradise of tone colours, soundscapes and vocal percussion. One is simply astounded by ingenuity and enjoys a very subtle feeling for groove...

These singing artists create a particular sound that even drops the jaws of a cappella masters: Before his death, a captivated Ward Swingle, founder of the legendary Swingle Singers, praised the band saying, "Your style is unique!" while King’s Singer, Gabriel Crouch, named SLIXS "better than any group (he’s) ever heard!" And before Bobby McFerrin took them to a common European tour, he once said "I've never heard these tunes so funky".

Not only that but also its extensive international acclaim makes this sextet currently one of the best vocal bands in the world. Their artistic daringness and thirst for innovation were already honored with some of the world's highest awards for vocal art, including Best Jazz Song of the Year 2008, Best Folk/World Song of the Year 2013, Best Classical Song of the Year 2019 and 2023 as well as Best Classical Album of the Year 2023 at the CARA's (Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards). In 2006, they already have been a two-time audience winner at the International A Cappella Competition in Graz (A) and since then, on tour in an unchanged band constellation.

Info & Reservations

Auditorium Sant'Artemio
November 18th, 2023

17.45 | first concert
20.45 | second concert

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Auditorium Sant'Artemio

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