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  1. Don't worry
  2. Blame it on the boogie
  3. I'm your man
Fool Moon @ VivaVoce Festival - Treviso

Hungary’s No. 1, internationally acclaimed pop acappella group, Fool Moon has an over 20 year history of advocating pop acappella music performing pop songs without instruments in Hungary, which has now resulted in an unprecedented popularity of pop acappella with the Hungarian public. Their witty and enterntaining, yet skillful and sophisticated style appeal to the general public as well as to musically trained audiences. Through their out of the ordinary music lessons, master classes and TV appearances, Fool Moon has brought acappella music to the centre of attention and has fuelled the foundation of a considerable number of acappella groups.

Fool Moon has so far released 7 albums , 13 international and Hungarian awards and prizes, and the band has collaborated with many of the most prestigious artists of the Hungarian music scene. It was also Fool Moon who composed the first original Hungarian pop acappella hit played across many radio stations nationwide, titled Kettesben jó. The song was commissioned for a Hungarian youth film titled Sherlock Holmes nevében and was played during the film’s end credits in cinemas in Hungary and abroad.

Fool Moon also pioneered as the first acappella group to enter A Dal, the Hungarian round of the Eurovision Song Contest, where they came in second with their song It Can't Be Over which placed the band as well as pop acappella in the spotlight in Hungary.

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December 2nd, 2023


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